About Us

About Us

We provide financial services to the poor in rural areas.

The Management.

Jirani Smart’s management team has more than 10 years’ experience in the microfinance industry. They have worked together for years and their track record proves that they have the necessary skills to guide the company as it expands throughout the country.

The Customers.

Jirani Smart’s customers are individuals who are not in an economic position to secure funding from traditional financial institutions. The majority are small-business owners (rural based) and farmers. The company has a strong lending history in the rural areas, and it plans to solidify its reputation within this market. The company projects that in the near future, its customer base will be an equal split of micro, small and medium-size business owners.

The organization provides savings and credit services to individuals in groups

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Providing financial services to the poor in rural areas

Our microfinance is dedicated to providing financial and non-financial services to less advantaged households with most of them in the informal sector of the economy and can hardly access these services from other financial institutions.
We are highly committed to ensuring we eradicate poverty sustainably in our rural areas and make everything possible for our clients.

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